Assignment of Copyright

  1. The Author(s) (jointly and severally, if multiple) represent(s) that he/she/they is (are) the sole owner(s) of the Work and all rights, including but not limited to copyright, therein; that the Work is his/her/their original Work except for material, such as text passages, figures, or data, that is clearly identified as to the original source, with permission notices from the copyright owners where required; that the Work has not been previously published in print form, electronic form, including the Internet, or any other usable form unless an explicit different agreement with ReVision has been made; nor have the rights to do so been assigned, transferred, or licensed. If the Work has been previously published, the Author(s) must own the copyright or provide permission notice from the original publisher together with this form. In this case, please provide the original publication information (see below). Please use APA reference style.
  2. In consideration of the publication of the Work and other considerations, the receipt and sufficiency of which are acknowledged, the Author(s) hereby transfer(s) and assign(s) to the Publisher and Assignee, its successors and assigns, all of his/her/their entire, full and undivided rights, title to and interests in the ownership of the Work, the copyright thereon, and the rights to any and all renewals, extensions, or reissuances thereof, in the United States and other countries. These rights include publication in print form, electronic form (, or any other usable form.
  3. Additionally, ReVision Publishing specifically retains the right to re-publish the Work as part of any of its book publications. In this case the Author(s) are entitled to proportionate royalties, which will be distributed once the minimum of $50 has accrued.
  4. The Author(s) covenant(s) and agree(s) not to attempt to transfer or assign any rights in the copyright or the Work without the previously obtained written permission of ReVision Publishing; and to indemnify and hold the Publisher and Assignee harmless from any damages sustained from publishing the Work.
  5. The author(s), however, retain(s) the rights to photocopy the Work for use in the author(s)’ own teaching activities (or as electronic file on a password protected site or via link to and, after the Work has been published by ReVision Publishing, to use it without charge in any book written or edited by the author(s). As a condition of this latter right, the author(s) will give first publication credit, include the ReVision web address (, and display the proper copyright notice.

Note: The signing author has the consent of all other authors to sign this agreement as their representative.