Book Review Guidelines

October 2021

(You may download a PDF of the Book Review Guidelines HERE.)

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ReVision welcomes the submission of insightful book reviews. Please look over the following guidelines for submitting a book review.

Authors should begin the review with the basic information about the book, formatted like the example below (note: not APA style). Follow this, on the same page, with the contents of your review. Finally, include some information about yourself.

Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. Doris Kearns Goodwin. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2005. 916 pages. $33.49 hardcover; $21.99 paper; $16.99 ebook; $26.00 audio CD.


James M. McPherson
Princeton University
Pulitzer Prize winning Civil War historian, professor, and prolific author.

Go to the Assignment of Copyright page on the ReVision Publishing website and fill out the form. Sign it by typing in your name where indicated, and Submit it.

Book Review Format:

Use Microsoft Word (or similar universal word processing program).

Use ragged right margins (don’t justify your margins).

Don’t use automatic hyphenation and don’t manually hyphenate words at the ends of lines. Put hyphens in the text only where you intend them (e.g., ten-mile hike).

Book reviews should run 600 – 1,500 words. Please avoid the use of long quotations from works under review. If you use brief quotes, please provide page numbers in parentheses (p. 35).

Do not use footnotes or bibliographic references. If a reference is necessary, use APA style in the body of the text and in the reference list.

Book Review Content:

Please make several comparative comments regarding other works of the same genre and include suggestions for further research. Good reviews use basic and specific information about a book to critique or praise it. Remember that readers probably have not read the book. Be sure to explain any complex ideas that may arise.

Clearly identify the author’s central contribution. Please organize your review around the issues or arguments presented in the book rather than around the table of contents.

Please proofread the final draft carefully for concision and lucidity, avoiding biographical summaries, long citations, repetition of information in the heading, and errors in names and technical terms. If substantive revision seems necessary and time permits, we will consult with the reviewer about changes.

General Instructions:

Page proofs will be forwarded to you. ReVision reserves the right to edit reviews for style, clarity, consistency, punctuation, and inappropriate language. If extensive editing or revision is necessary, we will consult with you.

E-mail or mail the completed review manuscript to:

Book Review Editor
PO Box 1855
Sebastopol, CA 95473

[email protected]
707 396 3251