Dancing with Uncertainty
2020 Virtual Conference

Presented by The Society of Indigenous and Ancestral Wisdom and Healing
A Non-Profit Educational Organization

Join wisdom keepers and storytellers from around the world as we address the multiple crises we now face. Join us as we dance with uncertainty and remix the ingredients in a prayerful bowl of beauty, harmony, and well-being for humanity and the planet.

The time for all events: 9:00am – 11:15 am PT
*December 5th: 12:00pm – 2:15 pm PST

October 24
Conference Series Opening with Bodhi Setchko (sacred music)
Grandmother Flordemayo: Finding Your Peace Within Chaos

October 25
YeYe Omileye & Chief Olu Derrick Lewis: The Dance Before
Glenn Aparicio Parry: Thought is a Trickster: Recovering Coherency in Politics and Society

November 7
David Cumes: A Walk With a White Sangoma
Lucy Lewis: Embodying the Elements
Audrya Chancellor: Didgeridoo Sound Healing

November 8
Jurgen Kremer: Loki’s Revenge – Destabilizing Western Lies and the Dawning of Decolonial Realities
Gyanesh Lama: Teaching from the Bon Lama in the Bonpo Tradition of Nepal

November 21
Bayo Akomolafe: We Need A Break: Falling into the Diffractive Cracks of Fugitivity
Nora Bateson: What Is Systems Change?

November 22
Apela Colorado: Pandemic Dreams
Elenita Strobel & Eileen Tabios: Indigenous Futurism

December 5*
Sacheen Littlefeather: Speaking with the Elders
Paul Callaghan: Healing the World Through Listening to the Spirit Ancestors
Audrya Chancellor: Didgeridoo Sound Healing

December 6
Closing Dialogue Circle with Participants, Organizers, & Presenters

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