Daughter of mine, hold my hand.

Show me my way in this vast land. I lost sight of worlds within. My heart has bled … and bled … within.

I, who have no voice, ask that you speak in my voice … of all my tears, my fears, my heartache … I ask you – give voice … to all my pain.

Pain that I drank, and ate, and swallowed … fearing its measure of intensity.

I … who am mother … to All. I, who am the Spirit of all. I, who know not my own power.

I, who forget the passing hour … Daughter of mine, pray … give me your voice, give me the courage to own this voice, a voice I lost so long ago, a voice unheard … unfelt … unseen. A voice that asks to speak … and speak and … speak …. my voice, daughter is what I seek.

Give me your courage, give me your strengths, for the time has come, my time is spent.

For all those moments my heart was full, the unshed, the unsung, the moment … spent.

My sorrows I take with me to rest, my joys I share with all I bless. My heart grieves … and grieves – my child, my daughter … I am spent.

Gather me in your gentle arms lay me to rest in my mother’s breast … forever silenced – to speak no more.

Daughter of life, this I ask – stand tall … speak loud and, do me proud.

Stay quiet no longer, stand firm, stand proud, for you are the one who saw … my Soul.

I am the One, the One who speaks of love … of life … of dignity! Stand tall … stand firm … speak with your Soul.

Let no man ever beat your bone … sing loud … sing clear … that ALL may hear.

I am woman … shed not a tear. I am one with the She of who I am made.

I am one with the Earth – forever … more.

~ Arti Punj Singh, May 29th ’09

Photo: Redwood grove, by Gary Newman