jim perkinson

like endorphin down the column

like anointing

like messiah

like jazz

all on the hand

round the thigh

raising toe

creating mind

pumping blood

up bone like the


each milli-second

the flash of retinal release

the eye orgasm of hope

the shrine of lip on bread

the beat of heart storm

lightening on ocean

tornado on plain

corona of enlightenment heat

a single gift

a single gift

a single gift

of hand on hand on head

on god.

your hand on godhead

your bean in the mouth of being

your tongue stammering eternity

your knee the ground-wire of deity

your foot-soul the only depth of infinity

you are the message

you are the grammar

you are the silence between

you are what could be


are the only gift 

there ever has been


like wind 

through the tiny void

of charged attraction

that is your own unique molecule

and do you really think 

you will disappear into the vast everything

like a drop of rain dying into the sea 

or will your own broken open surface now 

finally fill 

with the entire ocean of what is?