Volume 15, Number 4 • Spring 1993

The Prague Conference: Science, Spirituality and The Global Crisis, Part 1

Richard Tarnas, Editor and Heather Tarnas, Assistant Editor

Richard Tarnas
The Prague Conference: Science, Spirituality, and the Global Crisis (An Introduction)

David Bohm
Science, Spirituality, and the Present World Crisis

Charles T. Tart
An Introduction to the Spiritual/Transpersonal Path for the Scientifically “Handicapped”

Christina Grof
The Thirst for Wholeness : Addiction and the Spiritual Path

Neva Walden
Contributors of Transpersonal Perspectives to Understanding Sexual Abuse

Ralph Metzner
The Split Between Spirit and Nature in European Consciousness

Gary Lachman
Book Review: States of Grace: The Recovery of Meaning in the Postmodern Age

Ken Wilber
Paths Beyond Ego in the Coming Decade


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