Volume 23, Number 3 • Winter 2001

Toward a Participatory Worldview, Part 1

Peter Reason and William R. Torbert, Editors

William R. Torbert and Peter Reason
In Physics, Biology, Economics, Ecology, Medicine, Organization, Spirituality, and Everyday Living

William R. Torbert and Peter Reason
Introduction: A Four-Day Feast of Conversation at the Fetzer Institute

Ana Perez-Christi, Peter Reason, and Marja Liisa Swantz
“Fall Down Seven, Get Up Eight” Participating in One Another’s Lives and Disciplines

David Peters, Rick Tarnas, and Suzi Gablik
Listening to One Another’s Lives and Disciplines

Mae-Wan Ho, Chris Clarke, and Christian de Quincey
Quantum Entanglement with the Nonliving World

Brian Goodwin, Stephanie Mills, and Charlene Spretnak
Participation in the Living World

Marja Liisa Swantz, James Robertson, David Peters. and Bill Torbert
The Mutual Entanglement of Strangers in the Human World

Rick Tarnas, Ervin Laszlo, Suzi Gablik, and Ana Perez-Christi
The Cosmic World: How We Participate in Thee and Thou in Us


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