Volume 26, Number 2 • Fall 2003

Identity and Peace

Jürgen W. Kremer, Editor

Jürgen W. Kremer
A Book Review as Introduction: Hiroshima Bugi as Trickster of Personal and Transpersonal Perspectives

Jürgen W. Kremer
Ethnoautobiography as Practice of Radical Presence: Storying the Self in Participatory Visions

Helaine E. Hazi
Soul Print for a Multicultural Israel: The Personal Inquiry of an Immigrant

Jonathan Watts
Storytelling, Structural Analysis, and Ethical Praxis: A Buddhist Response to Modern Violence

Phyllis L. Clay
Splits: Healing from Fundamentalism

Aftab Omer in Conversation with Jürgen W. Kremer
Between Columbine and the Twin Towers: Fundamentalist Culture as a Failure of Imagination

Betty Bastien
The Cultural Practice of Participatory Transpersonal Visions: An Indigenous Perspective


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