Volume 26, Number 3 • Winter 2004

Matthew C. Bronson, Editor

Matthew C. Bronson
Welcome to an Ancient Future! The End of Five Hundred Years of Solitude

Glenn R. Parry
Seed Thoughts on Dialogue

Nancy C. Maryboy
Balancing the Flux: A Native Woman’s Views of the Language of Spirituality

Joseph Rael
The Implications of Dialogues for a Planet in Crisis

William A. Tiller
Toward a Society with Strong Hybrid Outer and Inner Technology

Ralph A. Wolff
Developing Deep Dialogue: Can the Assessment of Dialogue Contribute to Its Effectiveness?

Jim Ryan
Divining Grammar: An lndic Perspective on Language and Spirituality

Leroy Little Bear and Ryan Heavy Head
A Conceptual Anatomy of the Blackfoot Word

Ashok K. Gangadean (with Matthew C. Bronson)
The Quest for a Global Grammar, Mythos, and Cosmology


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