Volume 31, Numbers 3 & 4 • Spring 2020 • Double Issue


Douglas A. Vakoch & Fernando Castrillon, Editors

Jeff Beyer
A Phenomenology of Intimacy: Depthful Experience vs. Barnacle Mimicry

Craig Chalquist
Earth is Not My Mother: Toward Contemporary Styles of Earthly Discourse

John Davis
Diamond in the Rough: Primitive Ecopsychology, the Diamond Approach, and Transpersonal Ecopsychology

Cynthia Oei
On Building a Personal Relationship with Nature

Trileigh Tucker
Natural Presence: Teaching to Recover Our Love of Nature

Laura H. Mitchell
Earthmind: Deschooling Education: The Imagination of the Earth for Us

Matthew Cochran
The Eros of Erosion: Revealing Archetypal Geology

Jorge Conesa-Sevilla
Intimations About a “Sense of Place”

Will W. Adams
Intimate Participation As Our Essence, Calling, and Path: Nonduality, Buddhist Psychology, and Our Ecological Imperative

Michal Fire
The Nature of Transformation: Ecopsychology in Practice

Rinda West
Eating the Shadow: Polluted Nature in a Thousand Acres

Dennis L. Merritt
A Jungian Perspective on Ecopsychology

Glenn McCrae
Artist’s Statement

Stephen Dunn
Cosmic-Symbolic Transformations: Religious Architecture and the Epic of Evolution


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