Volume 32, Number 4/Volume 33, Number 1 • Fall 2019/Winter 2020

Double Issue

Earth Dreaming

Karen Jaenke, Editor

Earth Dreaming

Earth Dreaming, World Awakening
Lee Irwin

Poem: Daughter of mine
Arti Punj Singh

Shamans, Sacred Places and the Healing Earth
Stanley Krippner

Dreaming with the Earth
Karen Jaenke

Myth of the Earth
Lorraine Almeida

Ecological Complexes
Craig Chalquist

Katrina Martin Davenport

From Pet to Planet
Lesley Osman

Poem: I dreamt the earth was dying Darlene

Sustaining Wellness
Jay Rice

Dreams Are Pure Nature
Meredith Sabini

Giving Voice to the Earth Dreaming
Kimmy Johnson

Spiritual Intelligence and the Body
Karen Jaenke

Poetry at the End of the World
Leny Strobel

Book Review:
Rebearths: Conversations with a World Ensouled, by Craig Chalquist
Marna Hauk


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