Volume 33, Number 2 • Spring 2020

The Heart of Education

Cristina Perea Kaplan, Editor

Cristina Perea Kaplan
On the Heart of Education: An Introduction

Greg Sarris and Cristina Perea Kaplan
Learning to Belong to the Multicultural Chorus

Stanley Krippner
The Shamanic Heart of Education

Jean Millay
The Heart of Education: “The Student as a Spiritual Being”

Kerri Berkowitz and Cristina Perea Kaplan
Restorative Practices: Healing Hurts, Remediating Wrongdoing as an Alternative to Traditional School Discipline

Lucy Lewis and Juan Antonio Santisteban
Working with Young People in Nature: We Plant the Seeds & See What Comes

7th grade Students of Lawrence Cook Middle School
Texts by Youth: Poems on Identity

Jan Ogren
Writing the Stories to Right the World

R.L. Boyer
Poetry: Between Worlds

Book Review:
Attachment-Based Teaching: Creating a Tribal Classroom, by Louis Cozolino
Cristina Perea Kaplan


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