Volume 6, Number 2 • Fall 1983

Consciousness, Design, and the Spirit of Architecture

James Hunter
Truth and Effectiveness in Revelatory Stories

Renee Weber
On Poverty and Simplicity: Views of a Post Industrial Christian Sage

R. Buckminster Fuller
Experiment in Individual Initiative

Stephen Grabow
The Science of Design: Christopher Alexander’s Search for a Generative Structure

Paolo Soleri
Excerpts from Arcosanti: An Urban Laboratory?

David Adams
Architecture and Metamorphosis: The Buildings of Rudolf Steiner

Aristide Esser
Synergetics, Conscious Synergy, and Pluricultural Design: A Critical Look at the Theoretical Work of R. Buckminster Fuller

Mimi Lobell
Spatial Archetypes

Alex Comfort
Sir Thomas Browne’s Skull and Schroedinger’s Cat

Robert Bly
Small Spinning Wheel Concerto in the Key of “N”


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