Volume 7, Number 1 • Spring 1984

Consciousness and Healing: Shifting Currents in Contemporary Medicine

Ken Wilbur
Of Shadows and Symbols: Physics and Mysticism

Andrew Smith
Mutiny on the Beagle

Rob Anderson and Kevin E. McClearey
Pointing Toward a Poetic of Personal Growth

ReVision Staff
Looking Beyond the Relaxation Response: An Interview with Herbert Benson

John Borysenko
Psychoneuroimmunology: Behavioral Factors and Immune Response

ReVision Staff
Coping with Chronic Pain: An Interview with Jon Kabat-Zin

Alex Comfort
The Physician as Coronary Care Unit: A Phenomenon of Family Practice?

Renee Weber
Compassion, Rootedness, and Detachment: Their Role in Healing: A Conversation with Dora Kunz

Larry Dossey
To Holists in Medicine: A Challenge

ReVision Staff
The Health of the Healing Profession: An Interview with Bernard Siegel

Arthur Young
Are the Foundations of Science Inadequate?

Luther D. Rudolph
A Speculation on the Relationship Between LeShan’s Sensory and Clairvoyant Realities

John White
David Brisson: Drawing the Fourth Dimension


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