Volume 19, Number 3 • Winter 1997

Indigenous Science: Further Contributions

Jürgen W. Kremer, Editor

Jürgen W. Kremer

Julio Valladolid Rivera, translated by Sandra Stacey
Andean Agroastronomy

Marian Kwapinski
Prehistoric Astronomy on the Baltic Coast

Elisabet Sahtouris
Talking with Shuar Medicine Men: An Interview of Marcello Chiriap and Anank Nunink

Mongash Boraxooevich Kenin-Lopsan, translated by Wendy Girard
Tuvinian Shaman and the Cult of Birds

Biret Maret Kallio, translated by Eddie Taylor
Noaidi: The One Who Sees

Jürgen W. Kremer
Mind on Fire


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