Volume 24, Number 4 • Spring 2002

Spiritual Responses to Technology

David R. Loy and Jonathan Watts, Editors

Jonathan Watts
Introduction: Spiritual Responses to Technology

Diana Winston
I. Existential Technology: Filling Our Heads and Instant Fulfillment: A Buddhist Muses on the Internet

Alan Senauke
Right Speech in a World of Mirrors: Scattered Reflections

Gwen Gordon
II. Technology’s Shadows: Technology and the Muse: The Erotic Life of Electricity and Water

Jorge Ishizawa, with Eduardo Grillo Fernendez
Loving the World as It Is: Western Abstraction and Andean Nurturance

David R. Loy
The Lack of Technological Progress

Sarah Laeng-Gilliatt
III. Political Technology: Technology Globalized or Localized? Buddhist Reflections

Michael E. Zimmerman
Deep Ecology, Ecoactivism, and Human Evolution

Santikaro Bhikkhu
Postscript: What About Technology?


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